5 Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating your living room can go a long way towards making the space more homely and inviting when you have guests over. But one thing you’ll quickly notice is that decorating isn’t just a matter of rearranging your furniture. You have to consider all aspects of the interior from colour schemes to lighting fixtures and more.

Putting everything together in a cohesive manner can be difficult though. Here we put together some of our favourite decorating ideas to transform your living room into a more modern space.

1. Think About How You’ll Use the Space

The best interior designs consider how the space will be used. Before you start buying any new fixtures or furniture, think about how you plan to use the space.

Will you host guests for special occasions? Then a two seater sofa just won’t cut it. For large parties you’ll need adequate seating arrangements. Accent chairs and ottomans are excellent additions as they can easily be rearranged, giving you more options on rearranging your space as needed.

For movie or game night, plan accordingly for a full-size entertainment unit to house your TV and media. Consider adding storage solutions such as bookcases, cabinets, and console tables to store your belongings.

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

2. Mix White and Black

Colour sets the overall tone of your living room and there’s even research to suggest that it can affect how we feel.

Living rooms that are all white and bright can feel sterile, like the inside of an emergency operating room. Dark colours alone can make a room feel somber so striking a balance between the two is key. Mix light and dark colours together to create a balanced and modern look.

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

3. Add Vivid Hues

Look through any image galleries of modern living rooms and you’ll notice almost all will have a splash of vivid hues.

Mixing white and black colours is a great start. But adding a dash of colour will help make your living room feel more modern and rich. Vivid hues help to contrast the neutrals of white and black. If you’re not sure which colour to choose, blue is always a good choice and can be added with throw pillows or decoration pieces.

Another option is to pick those colors you love seeing every day. Take a look through your wardrobe or an interior design magazine for inspiration.

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

4. Upgrade Your Lighting

When decorating your living room, include each of the three main types of lighting: Ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient or general lightning is the first layer of lighting. Fixtures like recessed lights, chandeliers, and wall scones create an accessible space for anyone to move around safely. The next type is task lighting which illuminates designated areas for specific purposes such as reading. These include table lamps and adjustable floor lamps. The last layer is accent lighting which is used to highlight certain features such as paintings or architectural designs. Examples include candle lights, niche lighting, and recessed lights.

Lighting plays a key role in creating the right mood and ambiance. Dull lighting can make an interior space feel unwelcome while intense lighting can lead to eye strain. Each layer of lighting comes together to create a beautifully lit and welcoming space.

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

5. Experiment With Textures

Texture is an often-overlooked design aspect but adds more character to any space. Rather than sticking with a single material, mix things up. Use materials like leather, wood, cotton, metal, stone, and glass. Each offers a unique texture that adds a modern touch and personality to your living room.

If you’re decorating on a budget, cushions and floor rugs offer a great starting point. Accessories and other furnishings can always be added down the line for the finishing touch.


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