Beachy Coastal Style Lighting

When you think of summer, you start dreaming of sun drenched beaches, cool waters and fresh ocean breezes which evoke feelings of relaxation and comfort. It’s no wonder we want to incorporate these feelings into our homes. But you don’t have to live by the sea to have a beachy coastal style home. Whether you live in an apartment in the city or a house in the suburbs, you can bring the coastal style to wherever you live with these basic lighting tips:

The key to creating the coastal style is to keep it simple and neutral. This interior style is light and airy, features natural materials, and praises crisp clean lines. Coastal interiors use a calming palette with lots of white and light neutral colours. There are many ways to incorporate coastal style elements into your home through your choice of furniture, lighting, and soft furnishings.

Let there be light!

Often we think of rattan or wicker as a coastal furniture texture, but you can also use this material in your lighting choices to echo the rustic mood that characterises a coastal inspired home without overdoing it. Choosing the neutral tones of jute, rattan or beaded pendant lights creates a harmonious colour story for a coastal inspired space, while adding textural interest to an otherwise muted colour palette.

If you don’t want to see the light bulb through your light fixture, then look for a woven jute light such as this lovely coastal pendant light. Woven pendant lights add a warm, laid-back vibe and the open weave creates a light and airy feel that instantly uplifts any room and provides an attractive focal point in any room. This large woven pendant lamp is another lovely example with it’s simple shape and neutral tones, its size and placement call attention in the best way. It draws the eye up and makes a room feel spacious and intimate at the same time. This round rattan and palm leaf fibre pendant light also makes a stunning statement with it’s organic shape and open weave.

Browse our range of timeless, understated and tactile pendant lights and bring a touch of the beach indoors!