What is Scandinavian Industrial Style?

Ever wondered what is Scandinavian Industrial Style? Scandinavian and industrial interior styles are a surprisingly perfect pair. The clean minimalist lines of Scandinavian design is a great match for the raw, blunt aesthetics of industrial design. With the Scandinavian Industrial style and design, you can aim to achieve whatever look you want whether it is a […]

Cushion Styling Tips for the Home

Blush Pink Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion

Cushion Styling Tips If you have already chosen your overall design aesthetic, chosen the best wall colour, and have strategically placed the furniture of your dreams around the room, then you are probably ready to move on to adding smaller accents throughout the room to add a more personal touch.  Cushions are a great way […]

Design Tips for Creating A Stylish Home Office

Creating A Stylish Home Office

As the internet and other technologies have advanced the world in many ways, more people have the opportunity to work from home. Creating a stylish home office should be a place that you feel comfortable in, especially if you are going to spend several hours a day occupying the space. With a few simple additions, […]

Creating Good Vibes with Candles and Fragrance Diffusers

Candles and Fragrance Diffusers

Candles and Fragrance Diffusers… While style and design are important when it comes to your home, you shouldn’t overlook the way it smells. Smell is by far one of the senses that is closely linked to memory and the way your home smells should be memorable for those that visit. A great smelling home can […]

Celebrate and Sign up for the Big Afterpayday Discount!

✨ An exciting Afterpayday surprise is coming, to be revealed this Monday! ✨🎉🛍 We will be joining thousands of other retailers around Australia to celebrate with Afterpay by giving an exclusive store-wide discount only revealed to those on our secret VIP list. Stay tuned for more details! Sign up below to join the secret VIP list […]

Caring for Your Cow Hide Floor Rug

Caring for Your Cow Hide Floor Rug Cow Hide rugs not only look great, but they’re extremely durable, and great for high traffic areas. What’s not to love? Cow hide rugs are the perfect addition to many Australian homes, and suits a huge range of different interior design styles. They make the perfect floor rug to […]

Super Quick Tips on How to Get the Scandinavian Look

Scandinavian Look

How to Get the Scandinavian Look in 3 Easy Steps… Ever wondered how to get the Scandinavian look in your home?  Scandi styling is a popular design trend that is transforming spaces in many homes. A Scandinavian design offers simplicity, neutral colours, lots of light, natural elements, and texture. Here are some quick tips on […]