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For those who are attracted to the artistic, eclectic feel of classic Bohemian style but are looking for a more modern upgrade, Australian Boho is the answer..

Australian Boho style is the perfect aesthetic for those who want their homes to be full of life and culture, while remaining ultra-sophisticated and laid back. This modern take on Boho balances the natural textures of coastal living with a contemporary edge, delivering a harmonious decor style for those wanting a sophisticated, upscale approach to Bohemian living.

Modern boho interiors focus on sleek elements with clean lines and embrace a neutral colour palette that’s brought to life with texture – think rattan, knotted wool, jute, woven baskets, raw cotton, cane, ceramics and macramé to create a look that is warm, layered, and relaxed. Indoor plants also play a leading role.

You’ll often see hanging chairs, worn furniture, large floor cushions and ottomans, wall weaves, dried palm leaves or pampas grass and statement chandeliers in these spaces. This contemporary boho style is less hippy and more elevated, so luxe items can also be thrown into the mix.

Rather than the traditional bright bold colours of the bohemian style, the colour palette for the modern boho is monochromatic, playing with shades and hues of one colour, while others inject bold accent colours. It’s really dependent on your personality and preferences.

More recently, the modern boho style has taken a moodier turn with dark-coloured or even black feature walls creating a dramatic statement — a drastic change from the bright, all-white and airy look that has dominated for so long.

When it comes to hybrid boho styles, you’ll find boho-scandi, boho-coastal and boho-luxe are three of the most popular style variations. When you combine two design styles together, you get a more polished and mature look that is all your own.

There are different levels of modern boho styling, so before purchasing your furniture and décor pieces, the first step is to decide which design style will be your primary style to lay a foundation for the room. I tend to lean towards a sleeker boho version with mid-century modern as the base for key furniture choices, then layer the room with textural elements and a few vintage or Mid-century replica pieces to ground the space. Then, you can incorporate some more modern accents to polish the look. Pieces like marble candle vessels or bookends are timeless, sleek and add tons of interest.

The boho style is also perfect for mixing with the Scandinavian style, Coastal, Glam Luxe and Mid-Century Modern


  • Colour palette ~ Borrowing from Scandinavian design, the trick is to lay a foundation of bright all-white, off-white, beige, or greige (that’s grey/beige) while using art and other decor accents to add pops of colour.
  • This is counter to traditional Bohemian design, which often favours bright, bold patterns and textures flung together in wild abandon.
  • Natural fibres ~ Australia is a land with rich ecology. Beaches, rainforests, mountains, deserts— you name it, it’s there. That’s why natural fibres are a critical part of this interior design style. Materials like bamboo, rattan and jute are used to bring the outdoors in. Using Rattan to accent small, intimate corners of your home brings a nautical, island feel into a space.  These days there are some great furniture and lighting choices which feature rattan elements.
  • Texture ~ Boho style loves texture, especially if it’s something you can knot or knit yourself. A macrame tapestry or wall hanging is a wonderful way to give your home a warm, one-of-a-kind feel, and is especially prudent if you’re on a strict décor budget. Also consider textural floor rugs with a dimensional chunky knit texture.
  • Furniture ~ Minimalist and sleek-line furniture such as Scandinavian or Mid-Century Modern pieces, will modernise a space more than furniture with ornate details. Other ways to incorporate clean lines are in straight arm accent chairs, simple timber cabinets featuring rattan doors, white marble bookends, sleek cylinder lamps, and straight legged tables. I love that these clean lined elements are easy to incorporate into different designs because they are simple and unfussy, making them less of a stand-out piece.
  • Lighting ~ Lighting is used to contrast the organic shapes and natural textures that dominate Australian Boho. Use natural fibres in pendant lamps and lampshades. Choose woven jute, bamboo or rattan lighting for a warm, boho coastal feel. Or make a statement with a large, beaded wood or clay chandelier light.  
  • Floor rugs ~ Depending on the look you’re going for, choose a floor rug with lots of texture or a plush material to pull the design together. You could use a floor rug with patterns and lots of colour or go for a more textural and neutral floor rug that still holds boho details. Australian Boho puts texture at the forefront, and nothing brings texture into a home more than a jute rug. Check our boho inspired floor rugs in Jute, cotton and wool.
  • Wall art ~ This style uses eclectic pieces like bold artworks to pull a room together, adding a new layer of design sophistication to the space. You can also bring in light and airy feeling elements such as a white feather juju hat, a tribal shell necklace to display on walls.
  • Plants ~ I can’t go any further without stating that if you want a boho vibe to your room, you must include plants! Either live plants or faux ones. There is something so uniquely bohemian about plants. They are slightly unruly, never perfect looking, and very fresh.
  • Sculptural elements ~ You’ll see concrete, terracotta, and ceramics used to accent interiors and add contrast to the natural fibres used elsewhere. Circular concrete tables, terracotta tiles, ceramic pots and sculptures are commonly found, and bring in a hand-made feel.
  • Raw wood accents ~ Bring the Australian beachscape indoors with raw wood accents. Whether it’s floating shelves, a hat stand, a wood-framed mirror, or timber ladder, these pieces bring timeless boho coastal vibes into a home.


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