The Allure of Coastal Boho Inspired Spaces

Coastal Boho Inspired Spaces

We love the allure of Coastal Boho inspired spaces created with dreamy layers of whites, delicate pastels with natural materials and textures used throughout the space, combined with feathers, shells, timber, plants and woven materials.


The colours used to create a Coastal Boho aesthetic are calming neutral colours such as milky off white or vanilla tones that can be highlighted with soft hues of blue, light green and shades of grey.  Most Coastal styles incorporate splashes of colour such as gold, fuschia pink or coral colours which are best used in small amounts through cushions, accessories, artwork or a feature piece of furniture.


When sourcing furniture for your Coastal Boho living space,  consider large white fabric lounges in a cotton or linen fabric. Other classic furniture choices are rattan occasional chairs with soft plump cushions. You can even lean toward more natural elements like wood furniture for coffee tables, cabinets, tractor stools and console tables,  to add warmth and a more contemporary feel to the space. Moroccan Ottomans are also a great style addition and offer extra seating for guests, or can also be used to hold books or magazines.


For lighting, make a statement with a large beaded chandelier pendant light a more classic yet industrial style works well with Coastal design. Keep the room light and airy with soft sheer curtains or plantation shutters instead of traditional heavy drapes.

Boho White Beaded Chandelier (Large)


Accessories and décor is where you can add in the pops of turquoise and other jewel colours that embody the Coastal style. These colourful pieces such as cushions, floor rugs, throws and artwork, can add a statement and even a focal point to the room and tie in all the elements together for a more cohesive and finished look and design.

When you think of Coastal styling, people tend to visualise the beach. Remember this when choosing art pieces and furniture for the space. You can design the space to be reminiscent of the ocean and adding in elements like a shell necklace to hang on the wall, or a mosaic glass piece in seaside colours, you are creating a beach aesthetic that ties the outdoors in with the indoor space making it breezy, relaxing, and fun.

A Coastal Boho style should be peaceful, serene, and comfortable. Soft furnishings, feathers, shells and neutral backdrops in warm earthy neutrals and muted ocean hues will inspire a relaxed beachy vibe and provide a calming and beautiful space.

NOTE: Images used under Fair Use, and the above commentary is a personal view and not commercial in nature, and were sourced from various online sources.