Cushion Styling Tips for the Home

Blush Pink Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion

Cushion Styling Tips

If you have already chosen your overall design aesthetic, chosen the best wall colour, and have strategically placed the furniture of your dreams around the room, then you are probably ready to move on to adding smaller accents throughout the room to add a more personal touch.  Cushions are a great way to add some style and personality to any space, and it is relatively easy and inexpensive.

Decorative Cushions for the Living Room

Cushion styling tips for the living room include adding assorted colours and textures to create a greater visual interest in the space. You can choose solids or patterns that can be easily mixed and matched to create a more personalised space and you can then combine the cushions with fabrics in other more neutral colours to really make the decorative cushions pop.

Decorative Cushions for the Bedroom

A bed will always seem a bit more inviting and comfortable if it is adorned with decorative cushions in soft textures and muted colours. Accent pillows for the bed can be layered by first placing the larger cushions in the back and then adding on the smaller cushions. The number of cushions is only limited by your preference. Just be sure that the colours and textures you choose will work well to create a comfy, yet cohesive look throughout the space.


Cushion Shapes, Textures and Colours

One of the most common cushion shapes would be a square. However, there are so many other different cushions styles, shapes, and colours to choose from. Rectangular cushions can be overlapped or even stacked and can be placed on the couch, the bed, or even the floor to create a more decorative element to the room.

Textural cushions look great when paired with patterns and other shapes to create more visual contrast in the space. We are in love with our new range of Icelandic Sheepskin cushions, they are so luxuriously soft and add amazing texture to your space. Also, consider going outside the square with round shaped cushions. They can provide a softer aesthetic when compared to the sharper corners of the rectangular and square cushions. Why not mix it up!

No matter which cushions you choose for your space, the options are endless. Don’t skimp on adding a small element of your own personalised style and flair to the space, instead mix the textures, shapes, and colours of your choosing to create a visually appealing look with style.

There are cushions that fit every design and style aesthetic you can think of including Scandinavian, Industrial, Boho, Coastal, and even Contemporary. There are no limits when it comes to style and flair.

To find a great selection of decorative cushions for the home, browse our stunning range of cushions today.

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