Designing a Shared Kids Bedroom

Like any decorating dilemma, kids rooms are often fraught with many considerations that need to be factored in such as the number of kids sharing the space, whether it’s for a boy, girl or needs to be gender neutral. Now if you have the additional consideration of a boy/girl twin sharing the same space, then creating a shared bedroom design can pose a bit of a challenge. Does the child suffer from allergies? How much space is there to work with?

In this blog post by Catherine of Tubu Kids, she offers a little insight into the workings of her own kids room experience and may give you a new perspective on kids room decorating.

The Rug

We love a soft, cosy floor rug at the best of times and Catherine’s twin do too. They said “Oh this rug is perfect!”  Featuring the Alpine 822 Natural Floor Rug (290 x 200 cm) which completely finished the room. Her twins can now read books sprawled on their tummies on the floor as it’s so soft.

If you are interested in reading her process from mood board to implementation, you can read the full article HERE.

STYLING: Catherine McGowan, TUBU Kids
PHOTOGRAPHY: David McGowan, David McGowan Photography