Finding Your Design Style: Coastal Decor Style

Coastal Decor Style

Everyone has their own personal style and in this post we’re talking all about Coastal Decor Style. Style is what makes you who you are; from the type of music you prefer to listen to, to colours, fashion style you gravitate to and even down to favourite places you love to go on holiday. But your core personal style is reflected the most in the way you design and decorate your home. From the colour of the front door to the window coverings in the living bedroom, plants and artworks you choose… your home should be a direct representation of you.

Basics Of Coastal Décor Style

With spring slowly rolling in and the summer on its way, now’s a great time to talk about those who love a coastal style home. After all, how many people look forward to grabbing their swimmers and heading to the beach? Bright sunshine, cool clear waters, and lazy afternoons spent on the on the deck in a hammock; that’s coastal living. There may be many different coastal areas in the world, but let’s stick with Australian Coastal style, which involves crisp whites, plenty of texture, the golden sands of Bondi Beach, and beachy colours such as sand, white, aqua blue, eucalyptus green and peachy neutrals.

Create The Perfect Coastal Home

When trying to create a beachy atmosphere, keep the colours light. Warm hues are popular in beach homes, so consider painting walls in vanilla or peach and contrast the moulding in turquoise or gold. Pick paint colours that distribute the natural glow of the sun and amplify it.

  • For the windows, nothing says beach in the Aussie home quite like soft white billowing curtains. They blow in the breeze and let in plenty of warm light. They also prevent too much sun exposure as the light increases and the summer really heats up.
  • Lighting plays an important part in the ambiance of a room. Pendant lights can become a focal point in a room for example a dining room located in a large open space with a large beaded pendant light or a row of smaller pendant lights hanging above the dining table will draw the eye to that zone.
  • When it comes to cushions and throws, linen and cotton are perfect for their durability and soft feel. Choose summer whites, blue colours of the sea and sky, or cream and gold, which are reminiscent of sparkling sand. The Chevron Aqua Blue Cushion is a perfect way to bring in a coastal style with clean lines and beautiful seaside colouring.
  • Bleached out driftwood, blond maple and ash, and bamboo are perfect for furniture as they are light and bright. A sideboard in natural and white, chairs of wicker and rattan, or textural ottoman make the difference. Keep it casual and comfortable.
  • Floors are often timber with neutral and textural floor rugs in natural fibres such as jute, cotton, wool.
  • For the ultimate in Australian beach décor, forget the seashells, why not consider surfboard wall prints or even hanging a surfboard on the wall, or choose wall art that features palm leaves... after all it’s one of our trademarks, so pick one up to be installed somewhere in the home for a dynamic display.

Even when the nearest beach is miles away, you can bring it home by browsing all that The Gilded Pear has to offer. Coastal decor style is all about relaxing and enjoying the scenery; just like life on the beach.

Image sources: Pinterest