How to Match Your Interior Design with Your Personality

How to Match Your Interior Design with Your Personality

What’s Your Interior Design Personality? Are you a hopeless romantic who loves all things vintage, a modern soul who likes to keep things simple and functional or a quirky, creative type obsessed with contemporary bohemian designs? Here are some tips to help you match your design with your personality so you can assemble a unique interior style that truly sums you up.


Imagine being snug at home while it is raining or snowing outside… Inspired by the northernmost European countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland where the weather is harsh during winter months and never too hot in the summer, the Scandinavian style is best known for its pure forms, clean lines, natural materials and simplicity of design. Indoor spaces are modest and never burdened with too much furniture, ornaments and memorabilia, but they are super-comfy and beautifully peppered with bright colours and cosy lighting.

Warm and cosy Scandinavian interiors are the epitome of a whole lifestyle ideology which emphasises comfort, functionality and good living. This style is ideal for you if you adore spending quality time at home, if you love the understated look and if you prefer tidy, decluttered spaces to a colourful, creative mess. It is also the most suitable design for anyone who has chosen a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Mid-Century Modern

Bringing back the timeless chic of the golden thirties, forties, fifties and sixties, the mid-century modern style is undeniably romantic and colourful. Typical interiors are steeped in nostalgia and inspired by a myriad of retro designs ranging from the opulent Art Deco to the minimalism of the German Bauhaus. The focus is on clean, geometric lines, a combination of contrasting natural and synthetic materials or neutral and vibrant shades. Contemporary eclectic interiors usually blend together mid-century-inspired elements with utterly modern pieces.

If you are a creative mind who loves vintage designs, enjoys mixing together disparate elements and thinks that the twentieth century is the ultimate source of inspiration, then this particular style suits your personality. And remember that it isn’t about re-creating authentic mid-century interiors, but about borrowing ideas and building your own unique patchwork of things.   


Minimalism in interior design focuses on spacious rooms with a minimum of furniture and details. The main element of this style is attention to shape, color and texture with the use of geometric lines, low furniture and clean surfaces.

The idea behind this interior style is to reduce your life to bare necessities and keep your rooms neat, clean, bright and breathable. Minimalism ditches anything unnecessary, such as decorative pieces and chunky cupboards chock-a-block with things you don’t really use.  

This is your ultimate interior design option if you love to live a clutter free life as the innate beauty of each piece of furniture or art in the home really starts to stand out. White is the classic colour for the minimalist style, but you can replace it with shades of ivory and beige or any solid colors that don’t stress the eyes such as lighter hues of blue, browns, tans and green.

Boho Chic

Even though the word itself refers to the ancient Bohemia which is now a land that belongs to the European country of Czech Republic, it is used to describe an unconventional, artistic, nomadic and eccentric lifestyle. Translated into the world of interior design, it is actually a style that encompasses diverse cultural elements inspired by the gypsies and world travellers.

Blending together the most intriguing colours, shapes, textures and ornaments, boho chic is wild and free, allowing you to experiment and create home designs that are truly one-of-a-kind. Choose this style if you are fond of visual arts or if you love travelling and picking up creative ideas from different corners of the globe.

Beachy Coastal Elegance

Resonating with the immaculate Aussie beaches and the intriguing colour palette of the rugged coastline encompassing shades of sand, sea, sun and tropical vegetation, this style celebrates relaxed living by the ocean.

This type of design is perfect for you if love the stylish, laid-back elegance of seaside bungalows and luxe beach houses, and if you want every day of your life to feel like a holiday. It is all about creating a resort-like ambience with white-washed interiors, natural materials like stone and timber and decorative pieces dyed in navy blue, coral red, seaweed green and other colours inspired by the staggering exterior around you.

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