Modern Home Office Styling Tips

Modern Home Office Styling Tips

Creating a functional, yet modern home office is a lot easier to accomplish than you may think. Your home office should be comfortable, inspirational, functional, and stylish so that it is a space you won’t mind being in when you need to get a little (or a lot of) work done.

Choosing the Desk & Chair

The desk and office chair are probably going to be the most important elements to the home office space you are creating, so it is important to choose a desk that is going to be big enough for what you need to do, as well as be able to comfortably fit into the space you have available. If your space is extremely limited and you can’t fit a desk, you can also consider using a shelf as a desk to save on room.

You can also make a style statement in your office with a feature chair like this Hans Wegner Shell Chair.

Storage Options

Having ample storage options or shelves are also important when it comes to creating a stylish and functional home office space. If your desk does not have drawers, you can consider using shelves around the desk to provide you with the storage you need, while keeping everything within your reach.


Adding a few stylish office accessories is another successful way to add in your own delicate and personal touch. These accessories can include a picture, your favourite mug or mouse pad, or even some designer stationery. The possibilities are endless.

Decoration and Inspiration

After you have taken care of the furniture and storage selections for the home office, you can begin to add in those final, personalised touches. The home office should be an environment that makes you comfortable, promotes productivity, and fosters inspiration. Adding a few pops of colour, whether through the wall colour or an interesting piece wall art, can add a vibrant and happy element to the space to brighten up the day.

The addition of a mirror, some inspiring art work or a cork board to tack up all your notes, dreams, reminders, etc. is also an effective way to add that personalised touch to the space without cluttering the room. It is a fun and simple way to display notes, memories, or even to-do lists.

A home office is not a space you want to dread entering. A comfortable chair and great lighting can go a long way to improving the space and keep you motivated, so that the space remains a place that you can spend hours in comfortably.

Creating a functional and stylish office space is within reach. Browse our office desks, office chairs and furniture today for all your home office needs and essentials.