How to Use Area Rugs in the Home

Miller Bone Geometric Textured Rug

A lot of people use floor rugs to add to their home décor, but do we really know how to choose the best area rug for the space? The size of the rug, the placement, the style, the design- these are all factors when it comes to choosing the best.

A Few Area Rug Guidelines

Many different opinions are often thrown around when it comes to deciding which area rug is the best size. Some people want only the front two legs of the furniture to be on the rug, while others prefer that all four legs are sitting on the rug. While even more people may choose to have no legs on the rug at all. The biggest rule when deciding what size to go with is determining the size of the room and the proper proportions to make the room look unified and put together.

Living Room Furniture

If you want more of a contrast between the area rug and furniture, you can choose to have smaller chairs have all four legs on the rug, while larger pieces such as a sofa, only have the front two. Using this way all depends on the size of the room and the contrast you want to achieve between the furniture, the flooring, and the area rug.

For a smaller room, you may want to maintain at least eight inches of bare space around the perimeter of the rug so that you can achieve appropriate proportions without making the room appear even smaller than it already is. For a larger room, you can extend the amount of bare floor around the rug up to eighteen inches.


If you put the rugs into a walking area of the home, such as a hallway or another high traffic area, then you want to be sure that when the rug is walked on, both feet can remain on the rug at a time. This guideline is typically applied for safety reasons but also helps to create a more pleasing aesthetic.


For a bedroom, you can either use a smaller rug that is placed at the foot of the bed or a larger rug that the bed will sit on. If you choose to place the area rug under the bed, you should be sure that there is at least a foot of the rug extending out on all sides. For the foot of the bed, the width of the rug should be greater than the width of the bed.

No matter where you choose to place your area rugs, they are a good accent to add to any room to tie the entire design together and create a more cohesive and proportionate setting.

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